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[B002]Compact Lifting Brightening Massage Cream

USD $ 210.00

[B002]Compact Lifting Brightening Massage Cream

Full, tender and easily absorbed, eliminate dark cell keratins, and arouse youth tenderness and luster

[Hydrogen atom retaining technology] Adopt a brand new technology, with high concentration effective compositions, soft and smooth texture, accelerate metabolism, quickly eliminate dark cell keratins, effectively lift and repair skin, and anti-aging. Take appropriate amount and put on hand after cleaning the skin, then apply on face and body while massaging, and the skin will become full and compact, brighter and more shining, just as wonderful as the angle magic.

Net Content: e 120g

Made in Japan

Brief Introduction to Products:

A perfect formula with moisturizing compositions and beautifying compositions, and forge the silky tender and smooth skin.

Main Advantages:

Control the oil compositions at about 1/3 of the ordinary massage cream, and it’s a beautifying lotion type massage cream rich in restoring hydrogen water and moisturizing compositions.

Make the compositions to infiltrate to necessary parts by its high infiltration.

Eliminate the active oxygen causing aging, decompose the oxidation materials, and maintain the quality and effect of compositions.

The moisturizing compositions infiltrated into skin together with the restoring hydrogen water, and generating water-pillow effect from inside of skin.

The unprecedented use will bring a joyful feeling and full and tender skin.

While accelerating blood circulation (massage effect), the best-chosen beautifying compositions will make the skin shining.

Flush with water after using. (Apply for face and body)