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[M001]Wavelet lighting slimming roller

USD $ 138.00

[M001]Wavelet lighting slimming roller

Micro-current arrange adipocyte automatically

Similar to bioelectricity, the microcurrent design arrange adipocyte automatically, push and pull skin to exercise and massage, fast face-lift and weight reducing

1. Micro current skin care

Absorbs the light to produce the weak current for skin care, activates the cell, restores the skin elasticity, and enhances the tensioning effect. (If there is light, it can be charged automatically. It will not cause harm to the human body.)

2. 70 °roller structure

Specially designed for facial contours, massage skin in various directions and massage skin comfortably.

3. Massage manipulation

Through the attraction of the two rollers, squeeze and slide, reappear the massage of the "kneading" and "grip" and other actions to stimulate skin movement, promote blood flow.