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[M002] EMS Scalp Anti-aging Ion Apparatus

USD $ 175.00

[M002] EMS Scalp Anti-aging Ion Apparatus

Four cutting-edge technologies from the new generation 360° Scalp health caring

VIB(Vibration), ION Care, EMS Low Frequency, IR Light

Four powerful function, make you more healthy

1.VIB (Vibration)

Accelerate tissue waste metabolism, repair poorly flowing lymph nodes and capillaries, activate cells and importing them deep effectively.Comfortable and soft VIB vibration massage can quickly return the scalp to a relaxed state and effectively relieve fatigue caused by excessive use of the brain.

2.ION (Ion)

A local electric field is formed between the skin surface and the germinal layer by using the characteristic of ion charge anisotropic absorption, which achieves the function of positive ion derivation and negative ion introduction. The new generation of ION care will import young and beauty in every corner of the scalp and hair.

3.EMS (Low frequency)

Referring to the principle that the muscle must consume energy (skin) when moving, using the periodic change of the current, repeatedly electrifying, transmitting the low frequency current of the appropriate intensity to the end of the muscle, scientifically stimulating the nerve muscle, is the world's most advanced and the highest utilization rate also the most effective scalp care technology. New generation of EMS low frequency physiotherapy, scientific lift scalp muscle, light bilateral facial muscles, at the same time, can effectively desalinate the scalp fine lines, make the scalp full of elasticity, full of youthful luster.


Based on the protection of normal tissue, the expanded vascular / pigment / pigment cells are destroyed and resynthesized. Red light: adapt to any type of skin, the wavelength of 630 nm, can penetrate 8-10 mm, quick arrived in the dermis, stimulate fiber mother cell, bring a steady stream of constant temperature thermal, and effectively promote blood circulation and collagen hyperplasia. IR LIGHT infrared light, in line with the warmth of ergonomics, deep wrapped scalp, from the cell internal conditioning, long term use, with relieving headache / head pain, improving the scalp environment and the magic effect of hair quality.