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Seamless and Shaping Series


Seamless and Shaping Series

Seamless and Shaping Series, first health care shaping underwear

Light·Thin·Soft·Breathable·Pretty  Scientific and healthy shaping

High Tech Chio Clean Germanium Fiber, releases negative ions and promotes blood circulation

Energy magnets are embedded in the fabric at Rugen acupoint and abdomen, helping massage and relieving fatigue

Energizing BOOST scientific fabric, it is comfortable to wear and tightens the skin

3/4 Cup Push-up Bra  Model:UA01   7/8 Cup Multifunctional Bra  Model:UA11

Women's Corset  Model:UA02          Short Shaping Underpants  Model:UA03

Breast Support Tops  Model:UA04     Long Shaping Underpants  Model:UA06

Body Shaping Tops  Model:UA07