Hydrogen-stabilized Water

More than 10 years cutting-edge results from Japan, Patented Hydrogen-stabilized Water

Result of scientific research, life is a process of oxidization, and the culprit of human aging and illness is Free Radical (reactive oxygen species). Free Radical makes human body oxidation, it’s the main reason of aging and illness. Through many experiments, they find out the most effective way to remove the Free Radical is supply enough hydrogen every day, it is the best way to remove excess oxide, and it is also good for cell’s anti-aging.

Top medical and biological R & D team form japan has spent more than 10 years to obtaining the panted hydrogen stabilized water, which has high permeability, stability and antioxidant capacity. It is easy to absorb, helping human body activation and generate complete and active cells. For exchanging the aging and illness cells, power up the life system, recover the physical strength. It makes a Significant effect of anti-aging.

Patented hydrogen atom retaining technology – using special electrical frequency to decomposition water by changing current 30000 times per second, it creates oxygen and hydrogen at the same time, and lock the hydrogen within the mineral semi-permanently. 

Features of [hydrogen stabilized water] :Using special electrical frequency to remove the harmful substance in the water. The moisturizing factors and cosmetic ingredients could infiltrate deeply into the skin through decrease of electrolysis surface tension.Latch the protium in the mineral substance, and could maintain the restoring capacity for a long time. In order to electrolyze water, the mineral substance properly maintaining balance is used as electrolyte. The basis of ODC hydro water skincare series is the patented “hydrogen stabilized water” containing rich mineral substances, latch the protium in the mineral substance with special technology, and make it stabilize in water. Besides the strong anti-oxidizing effect, it also has many effects as accelerating permeation, whitening and facilitating metabolism, etc.


Maintain 8 Additive-free

8 additive-free

No mineral oil, No Paraben, No synthetic perfume,

No synthetic coloring agents, No UV radiation absorbents,

No alcohol, No phenoxyethanol and No synthetic surfactant.

All ODC product containing no hormones and antibiotics. 

We get through 41 tests for no hormones and 14 tests 

for no antibiotics by national certifying body. 

Natural Medical Cosmetology

Medical cosmetology from nature

Endow natural power for the skin

Engrave face lines, and remold the body shapes

Extract the benefits from traditional therapy and modern

cosmetology, and create the natural medical cosmetology 

resuming the functions from the damaged skins.


Care for the skin of your past

Bring radiance to the skin of your present

Raise the skin of your future 

ODC focuses on the past, present and future of your skin 

cells. The cells that compose your skin are divided into 3 

stages. The “future cells” which serve as the mother that

 gives birth to your skin cells, the “present cells” which 

care for your skin and the “past cells” which have completed

their growth and serve to protect your skin. “Skin regeneration”

serves as the connecting link between these three group of cells.