1. Birth of ODC

    ODC——a brand specialized in R & D and application of the latest technology anti-aging products is born in July 2016, is inheriting the concept of “Trilogy”, and advocating the skincare concept of exceeding time and space.

    Set foot by science and technology in July 2016 and start the new epoch of skincare by science and technology.The former of ODC International Biotech Research Institute is established in 1947, and this time strong-strong uniting with LIGHTNESS Group has first applied new atom into the skincare R & D to start the new epoch of technology skincare.


  2. Honors of ODC

    Before the formal launching of ODC in September 2016, it’s appraised as “Award for Technology Innovation of Asian Brand”.


  3. Listing of ODC

    In December 2016, ODC was honorably launched in China. 

    ODC launched the “ODC Time Water Series” in December 2016, it’s formally released on the market in China Area and it has made proud achievements on the Chinese market in 5 months.


  4. Strategic positioning from ODC

    ODC  Global Development Strategy Seminar is held in Daxidi in December 2017, clearly defining its strategic positioning of top-end brand strategy.


  5. Release of ODC Hydrogen Shaping Time Series

    ODC Hydrogen Shaping Time Series is firstly released in the world in March 2017, advocating the new concept of natural energy anti-aging and natural medical cosmetology.